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Welcome to the
High Performing Health Care (HPHC) Tool

The goal of the High Performing Health Care System tool is to provide information about the functionality of health systems processes, functions, and intermediate outcomes.

How can I use this tool?

Step 1:

Register for an account on this site. You should register as a representative of your organization.

Register here

Step 2:

Wait for an email with more instructions and a link specific to your implementation: you'll send this link to participants.

Step 3:

Log in to your account for quick links to your results; or you can just apply the filters. The Guide will help you analyze the results..

Want to explore the tool?

If you are interested in reading the content of the tool before using it, you can preview it at the link below.

Just here for the data?

If you are interested in exploring the data, but not planning to implement the tool yourself, please go ahead and navigate the site, using the filters to see results of various implementations.